About us

Mission Statement

Iberian Tastes will be a recognized leader in providing high quality foods, wine and services to our clients through strategic, direct sourcing. We are passionate about generating profits. We are also passionate about the culture and people of Spain and Portugal. We see that our company can assist individuals in their businesses financial viability by providing, increased business opportunities and increased employment in the region. While increasinge the awareness of the rich culture that each region has to offer. This awareness not only will assist in selling our products, it will potentially open other opportunities such as tour and travel services.


  • Relationships – Our business is centered on developing and maintaining positive relationships. While contracts are important since they form the foundation of our dealings; but what is more important is that we develop strong bonds with people, individuals that represent our customers and suppliers. Without these relationships we will not be successful. The strongest contract can be useless without the will to do business together.
  • Professionalism – In all our dealings we will behave professionally. We will listen to the needs and concerns of our people, clients and suppliers and seek fair business driven solutions.
  • Profitable – A company is only good if it is profitable. In all our dealings we will be fair with ourselves, as well as, with our clients and suppliers.
  • Trustworthy – We must be trusted by our customers and suppliers that we will do what we say we will. We will not over promise and we will always do the best for all individuals.
  • Quality – We will not compromise quality. While we will sell a range of classes of a product, we will never market a product as of higher quality than what it is.
  • Open and Honest – The principals of Iberian tastes will be transparent in our dealings with each other. We will make decisions based on consensus and strive to make decisions unanimously. We will not deal dishonestly with any customer or supplier especially if they are in a vulnerable position. We understand that someday the reverse may happen.
  • Equality – The principals of Iberian Tastes will all be directly involved in the running of the company. We each have a clear role and success across all those roles is key to the company’s health and profitability.
  • Sustainability – We will be sustainable. Success is based on developing a clear plan and evaluating the plan at key times. Through the evaluation make decisions that will be in the best interests of our company.
  • Environmental responsibility – We respect the environment and will strive to perform our business functions out of that respect.
  • Fulfillment of the Law – Iberian Tastes will follow the relevant laws and requirements of each jurisdiction we operate in.