Guzman Riestra Sparkling Brut Natural Cider

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Spain - Flag From Asturias , Spain

Guzmán Riestra Brut Nature Sparkling Cider is made from base cider obtained through a careful selection of apples of the best quality for cider. The used apple come from the orchards with the best agronomic features.

For its elaboration it is used the traditional method with second fermentation in bottle. After a thoughtful and cared selection of the ideal cider in our mill, there is the fermenting in bottle with the addition of cider yeasts. The bottles are settled in rime position for a minimum of 8 months, so this fermentation produces a minimum pressure of 6 atmospheres before its disgorging. Once passed the necessary time we proceed to the removal of the layers to move the sediments towards the neck of the bottle and do the traditional disgorging.

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