Poma Aurea Sparkling Cider

Supplied by Trabanco

Spain - Flag From Asturias , Spain

Poma Áurea is the first brut nature cider developed by Trabanco and under the denomination of protected origin (DOP) "Sidra de Asturias".

Poma Áurea is a totally natural cider, a brut nature in which both the carbon and the sugar are endogenous, i.e. the result of the process of fermentation itself.

The new brut nature Trabanco is the result of a careful selection of raw material. Only two Asturian traditional varieties, Regona and Raxao, fermented at low temperature for several months in chestnut wood barrels are used for its production.

Once this first stage is finished, a second controlled fermentation is caused at low temperature in a back-pressure tank.

The result: an elegant and harmonious brut nature cider, showing all its expression as an ideal accompaniment to appetizers (cheeses, pates...) and rice dishes, seafood or fish-based menus.

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