Ramon Ramos En Barro

Supplied by Tardencuba

Spain - Flag From Toro, Spain

This Tempranillo and Grenache blend was harvested from very old vineyards in the Toro region. This wine has been produced using ancient techniques. Clay amphoraes were used to ferment and ripen our wine. Fermented naturally at a low temperature, 20 ° C. during 30 days in the amphorae. After this, the amphoraes get emptied and get full of wine again. Then the wine is aged in the amphorae for 8 months. The wine is not filtered before being bottled.

A total of 600 numbered bottles are produced.

This wine is very fresh and fruity. You can notice very well the red and black fruit from the two varieties, Tempranillo and Grenache, also a touch of minerality.

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